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How does inteQsoft manage CMM certification?
CMM certification is an individual company commitment.

We service both CMM and CMMI-certified companies (Levels 3, 4 and 5).

Why do you maintain the CMM certification?  How is this accomplished?
Part of our support, in this realm, comes from special Federal Government funding. InteQsoft then provides additional support to individual companies in their certification-seeking efforts.

CMM certification programs are offered, level by level, according to each company’s capabilities and are maintained to benefit their competitiveness.

Do you maintain a CMM certification due to market demand, or because you have Centers of Excellence?
inteQ’s CMM programs are part of our continuing effort to maintain and strengthen our competitiveness, as well as to preserve the high quality of our Centers of Excellence.

How are work teams assigned and organized?  Randomly, or by project-specific design?
For typical projects, resources are selected by a steering committee to create a structure as follows:

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