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Optimal Location

Located in Querétaro, Mexico, named one of the top ten cities of the future, inteQ offers the benefit of a single point contact devoted to your business within the Central Time Zone. This location results in efficient, real-time North American bi-coastal assistance availability.

Our cultural uniformity and friendly-neighbor camaraderie result in clearer communications overall, which eliminates the disadvantage of inferior overseas response.

México vs. Asa


"KPMG selects 'locations to watch' for next outsourcing boom"

KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Tax and Advisory services. KPMG is one of the Big Four Auditors.

The credit crisis seems set to prompt a new rush for outsourcing services across the I.T. sector, with a number of new locations worldwide emerging as viable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) hubs, according to KPMG's Advisory practice.

Launching their Exploring Global Frontiers report at this week’s NASSCOM outsourcing event in India, KPMG claims to have identified 31 cities which are rapidly emerging as leading pretenders to the BPO crown held by the traditional powerhouses such as Bangalore, Chennai or Shanghai.

As those locations rapidly approach saturation point, there is a sizable opportunity for these new and emerging locations to swallow up a large proportion of the new outsourcing work which the credit crisis is apparently creating.

The 31 locations are an eclectic mix, ranging from well-known cities in developed countries to lesser-known places in the emerging markets, well off the tourist track. Winnipeg and Belfast all feature for example, alongside Queretaro, Davao City and Cluj-Napoca ...

“The need to develop new, cost effective, viable outsourcing locations has been highlighted by the economic events of the past few months. Companies are focused on reducing their cost base, both for short-term and long-term gain. As a result, more organizations are considering savings obtained through outsourcing parts of their operations. Most importantly, they should be convinced that by doing so, they are not sacrificing performance for the sake of cutting costs. Our location study aims to highlight the benefits brought by the different city choices available to them.” ...

The reasons for these locations making it on to the final KPMG list are varied but cities in the Americas should typically benefit from large labor pools, scalability, a more mature service offering, proximity to the major client base and multiple language skills ...