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M2M Machine to Machine

Wireless Equipment

M2M Machine to Machine over GPRS / 3G cellular networks.

Today, it is essential for key personnel to be in constant contact and full control of production resources. Fixed control stations that require people to be on site and in proximity are no longer sufficient, giving rise to methods that enable timely alerts and remote management to mobile personnel.

  • Timely alerts deliver essential status and management data to key decision-makers wherever they are—constantly, reliably and in real-time.
  • Remote management and control of machinery is essential, especially in cases of natural disaster or when machine failure is life-threatening, hazardous to the environment, or results in costly loss.

Our solution is based on a forward looking and flexible system architecture that addresses both present and future evolving needs, and expertly integrates the following key elements:

  • Programmable Mobile Units are tightly integrated with controlled machines to enable advanced status controls, triggered alerts, data logging, remote software upgrades and more. The unit ensures reliable two-way data communication and is specially designed for independent operation under the most demanding field conditions.

  • System Server manages the two-way communication with end units, mobile users and other required equipment. The system utilizes switch-over algorithms, alert triggering, policy rules and sophisticated system management capabilities.

  • Applications provide a friendly interface and the most advanced control functionality to end-users over any mobile device, including pushed alerts, remote monitoring, configuration, software upgrade and statistical data.

  • Wireless (Cellular) communication utilizes GPRS / 3G technology to ensure low cost reliable communication between all system elements. Users enjoy high performance and availability, worldwide global footprint, built-in security, and future-proof standards.

Our consortium provides the design and development of systems to fit companies in the Medical, Manufacturing, Transportation, Solar, and Energy sectors. Among our triumphant projects we have success stories in the Railroad industry.

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