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BPO Business Process Outsourcing Services

Companies increasingly aim to give their standard support activities to third party partners to take advantage of their economies of scales. This is often referred as Back Office processing. Our inteQ is ready to partner with you.

BPO differs from information technology (IT) outsourcing in that BPO focuses on hiring a third-party company or service provider to do business-related activities, such as application development, management, and maintenance as well as data center operations. IT outsourcing refers to networks, machines, and infrastructures. Our inteQ company offers both.

BPO encompasses a number of functions that are considered "non-core" to the primary business strategy. Many of these BPO activities are carried by a third party external supplier. Our inteQ company fits well into this business strategy.

  • Money Management
        Tax Operations
        Account Payable
        Account Receivable
        Other Financial Services
  • Support Services
        Product Support
        Customer Support
  • Technical
        Telemarketing-Call Call Center
        Enterprise-wide Service Desk
        IT Client - Help Desk
  • Records
        Clinical History Records Transformation
        Electronic Documents and Digitalization
        Data Entry Software
        Electronic Data Processing