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QDoc Millennium
A solution for documentation control for the logistics industry.

QDoc Millennium is the solution for documentation control. This administrative tool is indispensable for enterprises subject to non-conformity audits. This system assists by keeping track of customer complaints demanding corrective actions. Its short and easy implementation reduces the overall cost of this product. The web capability allows for on-line operation. QDoc organizes the documentation process while reducing the costs of ISO-9000 certification to a minimum.

Some of the key features in this documentation control system are:

  • Easy to customize templates to format control documents
  • Workflow control for approval
  • Time stamp documentation
  • Efficient version control
  • Protection of published documents
  • Direct conversion to PDF
  • Workflow notifications to preset distribution groups
  • Printing control using stamps of when and where printing takes place
  • Offers a well organized archive database
  • Understandable reports of document status by type
  • Reports for executive levels as well as for daily operations
  • Configurable permission structure to view, change or delete controls

This mature product has over ten years of solid experience and successful implementations.

This system helps enterprises by:

  • Shortens document approval processes
  • Eliminates the publication and circulation of obsolete files
  • Reduces human error by automating document tracking
  • Reduces paperwork efficiently
  • Assists in the security of confidential documents
  • Supports the process of corrections and follow ups
  • Allows audit issues easy to resolve
  • Helps keep ISO compliances valid
  • Generates nonconformity reporting

Modules readily available:

  • Document control
  • Internal audits
  • Non conformities
  • Corrective actions
  • Customer complaints
  • Training and user testing
  • Version archiving
  • Change control
  • Issue, revision, and approval