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The inteQ consortium has a simple structure with seven units to expedite resources more efficiently. These are:

  • inteQ soft (including health services, and general)
  • inteQ banking (including financials and insurance industries)
  • inteQ tech (including embedded software,
  • inteQ telecom
  • inteQ mobile
  • inteQ manufacturing (including logistics and hospitality)
  • inteQ USA (including sales and marketing)

With its headquarters in Denver Colorado, the inteQ USA company is structured in three main units:

  • The PMO office located in the hub of our Querétaro campus. As the heart of project flow it assists both the inteQ and inteQ USA.
  • The inteQ Sales office located in Colorado assists with the sales and administrative functions of the company.
  • The inteQ Marketing office located in Colorado takes care of the marketing functions of the company.