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Sales team members

Our executive director and ERP specialist, trilingual Project Management Professional (PMP) Jorge Glez, has an Electronic Engineer and Financial Business Analysis background.

Jorge has over 18 years of experience solving enterprise problems as an electrical engineer, software implementation consultant, and director of sales in the manufacturing, finance, mortgage, gold, and IT industries.

Jorge holds a Master in symphony conducting and an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Our Aeronautics, IT, and Business specialist, Frank Eaton, is currently with Abner Hood, a manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals. Frank works in sales and marketing, which develops new markets, solutions, and products.

Frank graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia, with a BS in Business and Marketing, and a BA in Music – Orchestral/Jazz/Country, Magna cum Laude w/Honors.

Our Government sector and IT specialist, Tim Lenz, began his career in IT as a COBOL programmer, went to DBase programming, to Rbase programming, to Visual Basic programming, and has served as System Administrator for various companies for over a decade.

Tim currently serves as a Program Analyst for the Department of Veterans Affairs, which supports over 250 Vet Centers throughout the nation. Tim handles both System Administrator and SQL Server DBA functions.

Our Finance industry leader, John Coles, contributes strategic and tactical executions acquired in his corporate restructuring experience.

John has proven strengths in marketing, which include research, analysis and project management. His quick grip of “big picture” strategic intelligence and tactical drive allows him to produce results with an oriented entrepreneurial focus.

He has over 15 years of market-driven experience in resort condominiums, downtown urban mixed-use office-retail, and hotels. An innovative business developer and organizer, John is driven by the challenges of practical solutions and is known for creating profitable new directions and solving complex problems. “The best deal maybe the one you walk away from” is keystone of his business philosophy.

John has built collaboration and relationship among key players, consultants, neighborhood, and government constituencies as well as with investment and lending partners in projects ranging from the technical to the executive level.