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History of Consortium

The inteQ Consortium was created in the early 21st century in response to the need for an international force capable of delivering the highest and most advanced technologies. The void for a solution able to provide flexible resources demanded the consolidation of resources. Synergies were achieved by leveraging individual companies’ capabilities, enabling cross training and allowing the available support of our Federal Government.

State and municipalities sought the utilization of vast technical talent coming out the nearby major universities and local educational centers.

It was the Consortium’s hope that the cultural affinity would eliminate the misunderstandings common in offshore outsourcing and the difficulties in scope definition and change management.

Since then the Consortium has experienced more than 5% growth in revenue every year, with the addition of numerous important customers. 92 companies form our Consortium.

Customers were added as word-of-mouth spread the news about this advance software supplier with the ideal balance between low total-cost and resource proximity, both while providing succinct deliverables.

The accumulation of relationships with notable customer and providers in the State of Querétaro is partially depicted in the following time graph: