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Our central Project Management office in Denver Colorado serves as your liaison with the major consortium of Mexico's top software companies, now functioning under a single governing umbrella.

Our 500 million dollar consortium houses more than 70 high technology companies. This consortium has the experts you need now – and will need as an ongoing, cost-efficient resource. We will customize a team to fit your business needs, drawing from both seasoned professionals and the freshest university minds holding the latest Internet technologies

Our 4000 strong team of experts is located in Querétaro, the epicenter of Mexico's IT revolution, just two hours from Houston in the Central Time Zone.

This location results in efficient, real-time North American bi-coastal assistance availability.



Our inteQ is trusted by key market leaders, to provide superior technology, clear scope project definition, operational guidance, and change management flexibility.

Easy proximity, cultural affinity, and friendly-neighbor camaraderie make for clearer communication through each and every stage of your project. Bring back your Agile idea-to-market strategy, much closer to home!