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Landsteiner Scientific
Is a Mexican Pharmaceutical Company engaged in the research and development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of healthcare products, fully dedicated to contributing to social well-being, by means of an ethical and professional development of innovative products of superior quality in the healthcare area.

Marcos (Reference available upon request)

Development of the SIO (integral osteoporosis service).


  • Migrate the existing application and data to a new web system to centralize processes, screens and reports as required by Landsteiner
  • Migrate the desktop application to the web system (SIO)
  • Migrate current data to a new structure
  • Configure the web server
  • Train the users throughout the process
  • Create roles and permissions to access the information of the web system Web (SIO)
  • Grant authorized people access to generate online reports
  • Migrate the database to a new system, SIO


  • Maintain centralized and standardized control of the processes of all system users.
  • New versions will be installed only on the server
  • Provide a relational and robust database that will allow it to control and manipulate information
  • Allow to view patient data and provide patients with information at all times
  • Provide screen authorizations and reports and define roles based on authorization level.

Technologies utilized:
C#, ASP.NET, Java Script (AJAX)

Duration and effort:
3,000 hrs, 4 months.