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Q for Queretaro

inteQ is located in Querétaro, the pulse of the Mexico IT revolution. Only a few hours away, our geographical proximity allows face-to-face communication among project managers, end-users, stakeholders, and developers, thus avoiding extensive travel time or jet-lag across gaping time zones.



Geographical Location

  • Querétaro is located at the epicenter of technology in Mexico
  • Querétaro is 130 miles north of the Mexico City metropolis
  • With a population of 1.7 million Querétaro business community has access to a pool of 45 million potential employees within a 135 mile radius

Talent Availability

  • We have access to students from 37 universities with 18 graduate programs and six technical institutions.
  • In addition, the Mexico City talent pool is available due to proximity and better quality of life on offer
  • The technical talent of this central region has evolved in synergy with the industries that made Querétaro an important hub for technology. Mainly the Aerospace, Automotive parts and Home Appliances manufacturing industries.
  • Most of the former Querétaro residents who moved to other states are ready to relocate back to their native state.

Quality of Life

  • Querétaro is considered one of the three safest cities in Mexico. Its cost of living lower than that of Tier 1 cities spite of the peaceful nature of the Querétaro state.
  • Querétaro enjoys the reputation of providing a comfortable quality way of life. Because of the city’s configuration Querétaro has reduced travel times. Also, the community is known for its good leisure amenities and infrastructure.
  • Year round temperatures range between 50° and 80°F making Querétaro one of the most comfortable cities to make your destination.


  • Querétaro was awarded 1st Place for Best City to Live – Metro zone of Querétaro in 2007 by the “Inversionista” magazine
  • Rewarded 2nd Place for its economic growth expectation for the next 3 years by KPMG and AMECA in 2008.
  • Also granted 3rd Place for doing business in Mexico by the World Bank in 2007 appointing Querétaro as the city where is it easier to establish a technical company.