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  • Overall Assets Effectiveness OAE Tracking System
    • OAE is a key measurement in a TPM Program and links three basic elements on a manufacturing operation:
      • Availability: Downtime losses
      • Performance: Speed losses
      • Quality: Scrap losses
    • We developed and implemented the OAE tracking system for Kellogg México & LA in all manufacturing facilities in México, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina.




  • Supply Chain Network Optimization Software
    • This Sourcing Model is to determine the final product mix and the shipping pattern that minimizes shipping costs, fits all demands, and does not exceed available supply. A Sourcing Model involves at least the following information:
      • List of main products to involve in the sourcing 
      • The capacity for each manufacturing facility 
      • The capacity for each Warehouse or Distribution Center
      • Customer Demand 
      • Production Cost by Product and Manufacturing facility 
      • Inbound Logistic Cost (Manufacturing – Warehouses)
      • Outbound Logistic Cost (Warehoueses – Final Customer)
      • Warehousing cost 
      • Other special rules and constrains
    • We developed a custom model for Kellogg America Latina that approaches an optimal solutions based on a Genetic Algortithm.




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QDoc Millenium
We developed an application that is being used for Document Control, Corrective Actions and Internal Audits. This application is being sold as a wrap-up package throughout Mexico and in some Latin American countries.

Implemented in more than 30 companies, among them: Pfizer, Gerber, Mercedes-Benz, and Campbell's.