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The Electronic Payment System SPEI is a project of major importance to the Bank of Mexico - Banxico, was first placed in operation on August 13, 2004. SPEI was designed to allow participating institutions and their clients to make electronic interbanking payments. This WebLogic® and Tuxedo® based solution was first introduced to the market to enable financial institutions the processing of orders through the Bank of Mexico providing time and cost savings, while guaranteeing a more efficient service at a higher level of security.

Benefits of enlace SPEI
In addition to providing direct communication with the Bank of Mexico, ENLACE-SPEI® offers the following benefits:

  • Real-time control of account balances
  • Centralized control of payment orders
  • Reduction of administration and transfer costs
  • Safety of incoming and outgoing transactions through the use of digital certificates and data encryption
  • Ability to manage high volumes of information
  • Host-to-Host interface for online connection with back-office applications
  • Technical and operative support by security experts

The main security features of ENLACE-SPEI® are:

  • Authentication of users and digital certificates through the use of a dedicated-connection application
  • Appending to the institutional security systems
  • Authentication through data encryption and electronic signatures, in agreement with international practices to which the Bank of Mexico adheres
  • Consistent secure data exchange throughout the process
  • Continues used of completely auditable system

The security system of ENLACE-SPEI® is based on digital signatures. Such is the case where the Bank of Mexico issues personalized digital certificates authenticated by its Extended Security Infrastructure.


This product was created to address the needs of non-banking financial institutions with less data volume, such as Stock Exchange, Currency Exchange, Investment, Pension, and others. These entities are required to have prior authorization from the Bank of Mexico to operate such system.

We are committed to satisfying the current needs of the financial sector markets by the application of regular updates of its products and services. Our strong commitment to service resulted on a new version of ENLACE- SPEI – IFNB launched to meet the needs of non-banking financial institutions.


Proceso-T (testing tool)

Our test process is based in the next methodology and our best practices:

  • MSF > Microsoft Solutions Framework.
  • TMM > Testability Maturity Model.
  • TPI > Test Process Improvement.
  • V, W, X Testing Model
  • Aligned to Cobit 4.1. Fulfilled Control objectives:
  • P08 Manage Quality
  • AI7 Install and Accredit Solution Changes
  • Aligned to TMM (evaluation and staff improvement and test processes)

 Key Features

  • Artifact-Approach; everything built is to be reused.
  • Testware is applied in an Incremental Iterative approach
  • Extensive and comprehensive list of Guides and Formats.  (What to do and How to do it.)
  • Practice-Oriented process. 
  • Extensibility support (able to add external testing best practices).
  • Testing starts from the earliest stages of development lifecycle.