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Mobile Computing

Enterprise Management Indicators

Enterprise Management Indicators

Enterprise Management Indicators are for the executives required to work outside of their offices who remain in touch with the pulse of company’s business processes.

Our solution offers mobile and secure access to financial information, customer information, inventories, enterprise indicators and sales, from and to anyplace via mobile computing devices.

Our technology optimizes processes and reduces business costs.

Telemetry and Machinery Control

Remote Supervisor

Telemetry and Machinery Control is a solution that allows you to monitor and control mechanical processes and actions from any location.

A monitor and control tool for any machine, from any location, at any time.

The system can analyze tendencies, send alerts to different levels and even take actions, if so specified.

  Remote Supervisor

Enterprise  Management Indicators

The Remote Supervisor is now a reality. Our product combines advance software, hardware, satellite and cartographical technologies in an application design for operation on equipment such as Blackberry and Smartphones.

Extending geographical coverage of building site management in a secure, real-time, and flexible manner is possible thanks to the Remote Supervisor administration product.

This technological instrument facilitates the management of job site projects from beginning to end. It provides pertinent information on the progress of the building site projects remotely in real-time.

This solution assists through of phases of a project from the proposal and bidding of the project to its closing. Remote Supervisor includes diverse systems such as: site program control, costs, storage, biddings, and contracts, field progress in real time, progress statistics, payments, and budgets. The system organizes and informs of financial changes, building progress, and project status.

The Remote Supervisor and administration solution is design for compatibility with most Administration Systems and Office Programs. Its operation is friendly, in real-time, and reliable effectively simplifying the administrative duties of the personnel responsible for progress at job sites.