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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems Img

Our consortium has state of the art laboratories where micro system applications and wireless technologies are researched and developed. Some of the technologies used are: FPGAS (Field Programmable Gate Array), microcontrollers, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device).

We have received various Awards for the research and development in this technological area. Among them:

Santander Business Innovation Award (Premio Santander a la Innovación Empresarial)

Project: Home Technology Systems VIVITEC 2010 (Proyecto: VIVITEC Sistemas Tecnológicos para la vivienda. 2010)

Entrepreneur Model Award 2008 (Premio El emprendedor modelo 2008)

Project: Greenhouse Automated Water Systems (Proyecto: Sistemas Acuícolas Automatizados Bajo Invernadero)

Intel + UC Berkeley Technology Entrepreneurship Challenge

Project: Greehouse Control Systems 2005 (Proyecto: Sistemas de control para invernaderos 2005)

Technological Innovation Adiar Award (Premio Adiat a la Innovación Tecnológica)

Project: Open Architecture for ECN Systems UAQ-ABC Electronics 2004 (Proyecto: Sistema de Control Numérico de Arquitectura Abierta para Máquinas-Herramienta. UAQ-ABC Electronics. 2004)

Our inteQ consortium has the IT support readily available to be assigned OFF-SITE on specific projects. Specialized hardware laboratories build Embedded components which combine the needed hardware and software to fit your specified functionality.

We serve the Automotive and Aerospace industries.