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Training Services

inteQ’s approach to the continual training of our professional forces varies according to the subject matter.

It consists of, but is not limited to, a structured combination of three services:

  • Internal training based on prescribed, customized, on-site and self-study programs. Instructors come from within our senior teams, while others are from external sources.
  • On-line training, mainly IEEE
  • Specialized external courses for specific certifications such as: Microsoft certification programs, SUN certification lines, Oracle certifications, PMP certification with the PMI, Quality programs for SIX SIGMA certifications, ITIL certifications, and CMMI authorized courses.

 Popular programs are:

  • Dot Net certification program
  • Java certification program
  • Oracle certification program
  • Managerial Competencies (Project Management, Selling, Tax & Legal Issues, Finance, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Project Office, Service Operation)
  • Products and Tools (BPM, ERP, CMR, Rational Suite, etc.)
  • Customer Care