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Products and services

Our inteQ consortium has the IT talent available and the ability to design, develop, test, train, and deploy custom software to fit your specific requirements.  The development capabilities range from Mainframes, Client/Server, Databases, Web, to Mobile applications.

The resources at inteQ are ready for your solution design, application development, maintenance, and testing. We have the capacity on-site and on a remote basis to serve the expectations of all stakeholders with regard to time, cost, quality, and scope objectives.

Our typical Delivery Models provide the following advantages:

  • Verifiable value beyond the total cost of our services
  • Proven mature customer service relationships
  • Project Management’s best practices (as members of the Project Management Institute)
  • Mature processes to manage large groups which keep improving over our many years of experience
  • Objective SLAs are based on our own tangible indicators and tested metrics.
  • Integrated Quality Approach based in Quality Assurance Software and CMM proven Methodologies
  • IT Governance
  • CMM Testing Methodology
  • Continuous certified training programs and mutually beneficial synergy with major universities